Fabricator’s novel apprentice scheme gains recognition

Amid all the gloomy mainstream press about dwindling uptakes of apprenticeships by Australian industry, perhaps businesses could take a leaf out of the book of Sevaan Group.

In the six years since a major amalgamation formed the Sevaan Group, the leading industrial company has offered dozens of valuable work placements to Year 11 and 12 students studying metal and engineering as part of their Higher School Certificate.

The company is now being recognised for this major effort, winning an MWLP Linking Youth Business of the Month award for October, which will have it feature regularly on radio station C91.3fm and appear the Advertiser newspaper (local region publication).

To the company’s co-founders, Artemis and Jim Tzakos, the biggest accolade however is recognition that whenever any student is identified by the scheme as a natural talent for the fabrication sector, he or she is offered an apprenticeship.

“At the moment, there could never be enough apprenticeships in the manufacturing sector, so at least we know that our efforts and the opportunities we give to young, aspiring trade-minded people will help lift the skills base in this country,” said Jim Tzakos.

“It’s part of our win/win philosophy and we see prospects in the MWLP work placement program as it is a good opportunity to source employees.

We tailor the work to suit the student, exposing them to a wide range of operations including laser cutting, machining and welding.

Those students demonstrating initiative and an ability to follow professional instructions will be allowed to take on more – it’s all about their attitude.”

Sevaan Group is located in Sydney and has set itself up as a technically-enabled cutting edge fabrications specialist and has been recognised for various industry awards.

“Being leaders in our field requires more than a capable team and capital equipment; high on the list is the sourcing of talented youth to maintain the highest skills base possible coming through the company.”

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