Fabrication and machining merger forms Sevaan Group

Two high-tech fabrication companies in Sydney have come together to provide Australia and the global market SME with high-tech just-in-time OEM and repetitive sheetmetal machining and parts engineering.

A merger between Proline Technology and fabricator Wisby & Leonard has created the new entity, Sevaan Group.

The new company is now capable of high-tech sheetmetal plating and higher product fabrication (engineering and machining), founded on the advanced technological level of its machines and operators.

This merger gives Sevaan Group even more leeway to provide a rarely unified critical advantage for its clients – real time B2B transparency of every job, plus an inventory-holding/management service to alleviate clogged warehouses for customers.


The powerful new entity is headed by longstanding manufacturing industry specialist Mr Tony Panrucker as CEO, the experienced and ambitious founder of Proline Technologies Mr Jim Tzakos as MD and Artemis Tzakos as CFO.

Each has set the bar very high positioning Sevaan Group to successfully take on new, challenging work and closely serve a long list of industry sectors in Australia.

"The technological set up within Sevaan Group is so complementary,” said CEO, Mr Tony Panrucker.

“By merging the upwardly mobile Proline with the longstanding Wisby & Leonard as a going concern is a perfect fit for Sevaan Group’s domestic and international expansion plans. 

"A great synergy is formed because there was a traditional competitiveness between the technologies on both sites, but by consolidating them we now have a super-business capable of meeting needs across all industries.

"The merger also allows us to further develop our unique market advantage – stocking inventory items for our clients so they aren’t burdened with planning and managing their parts inventory, or stocking it.

"As a specialist, we can far better manage this to ensure inventory is optimised at an ‘as needs’ level rather than see our clients clotting their own warehouse space with an over-abundance of product.

"On the manufacturing front, the sophisticated machinery we have fused within a single entity means we can take on just about any type of job — from once-off prototyping and sampling all the way through multi-process engineering to repetitive and accurate ISO9001:2008 high-quality output.

The many industries Sevaan Group is targeting includes electronics, machinery manufacture industry, vehicle building, medical and scientific, architectural, mining and agriculture and electrical industry (such as transformers).

"As a further positive, not only has all staff across the two sites retained their jobs, in most cases we are finding ways to up-skill them so as to further enhance their own professional lives.

"In the medium term, Sevaan Group has consolidated all engineering, jobbing and machine processing at one site and turned the other site into a dedicated painting and powder coating plant, as there is deemed to be a shortage of this type of service in Australia at the moment.

"And, in a turning point for Australian industry, we are winding back the clock by actively looking into the young employee marketplace to take on apprentices for in-depth training on sophisticated manufacturing machinery that runs on powerful software.

"With an excellent management team alongside us, and good crew of experienced employees, and the marketplace desperate for accurate yet cost-effective supply of engineered and re-engineered product, we are positioned to take on work not just from anywhere in Australia but from all around the world."

Among the sophisticated equipment now owned by Sevaan Group are several world-class Mori Seiki machining centres, Bystronic laser cutting machines, Trumpf laser cutters, and a CMM precision measuring centre able to verify parts measurement right down to one micron.


Wisby & Leonard was established in 1980 and had been supplying products, equipment and services nationally to industry sectors such as food, chemical, locomotive, power generation and transmission, mining, research, agriculture, nuclear, medical, defence and general materials handling. Mr John Wisby, the founder of Wisby & Leonard, retired from the business on 21st December last year upon sale of the business to the Sevaan Group controlled companies. 

Proline Technologies, based in Sydney, had traditionally served as a precision sheet metal manufacturing company specialising in design, fabrication and finishing of high quality sheet metal components.

The two sites are located within several blocks of each other in the industrial heartland of south-west Sydney.