Exair releases anti-static ion air cannon

Exair has released a new anti-static ion air cannon, which removes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 4.6m. The device meets CE and UL standards in the USA, Europe and Canada. It is also RoHS compliant.

The new ion air cannon incorporates a number of new design features including a metal-armoured, high voltage cable to protect against abrasion and cuts, a replaceable emitter point, integrated ground connection and electromagnetic shielding.

The unit also includes Exair’s super air amplifier that minimises compressed air use by inducing surrounding airflow at a ratio of 22:1. The airflow carries the ions to the target, making it possible for the device to eliminate static charges in less than a half second. Air volume and velocity are both controllable so the blasts can be small to large.

Additionally, the ion cannon incorporates a stand that has a swivel component. A hose or tube can be connected to the air intake to draw air from another area. The electrical ion source is shockless and does not have radioactive elements. A new selectable voltage power supply has been designed to operate the device.