Essential services “vital” for manufacturers

Goods and services for food production and hygiene are no less important than the industries that support and distribute them, and it is “vital” that they are able to operate, Ai Group CEO Innes Willox said.

A clear and consistent definition of essential services for manufacturers is needed as the country prepares for lockdown.

“As we inevitably move towards shutting down parts of our economy to deal with the health threat of coronavirus, it is vital that the designation of essential services is appropriately broad,” he said.

“This includes a range of logistics, manufacturing, maintenance and construction businesses and their supply chains.”

The need to adjust the meaning of essential services should also be allowed as circumstances continue to emerge as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Health services, pharmaceuticals and health equipment are clearly essential, as are energy generation and distribution and telecommunications,” Willox said as part of a statement on behalf of the national employer association.

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