Energy efficient turnkey blower systems

Kaeser Compressors Australia has launched of the EBS series screw blowers. Energy efficient, these cost effective, quiet and user friendly turnkey blower systems are ideal for low pressure applications requiring air flow up to 35.8 m3/min.

The series presents an energy efficient screw blower system solution that uses up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers, as well as delivering significant energy savings compared with many screw blowers currently available on the market. A blower airend with high efficiency Kaeser Sigma Profile rotors, flow-optimised components, efficient power transmission and drive components ensure such exceptional performance.

The high efficiency blower airends combine a wide control range with near constant specific power. Equipped with the world-renowned Kaeser Sigma Profile rotors, the airends found in the screw blowers, ensure maximum air delivery whilst keeping power consumption to an absolute minimum. In addition, the rotors are not coated, which means that efficiency essentially remains consistent even after many years of operation.

The blowers come with an integrated Sigma Control 2 as standard. This intuitive controller ensures comprehensive and efficient blower control and system monitoring.

For additional optimisation, these blowers can be supplied with a Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master control system. Thanks to its high level of data integration and multiple interface options, SAM can be easily integrated into advanced production, building management and energy management systems.

The screw blowers will meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of applications. From wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying systems and energy production to the food and beverage sector as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical sector – all of these industries and many more can benefit from the advantages that this cutting-edge screw technology has to offer.

The screw blowers are simple to install and have been designed for dependable, continuous operation. Thanks to a logical component layout, these versatile blower systems can be installed next to a wall, or even side-by-side, making maintenance a breeze.

They are available with motor power 22 to 75 kW and maximum free air delivery up to 35.8 m3/min.

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