Endeavour Awards 2019 winners announced

The 16th annual Endeavour Awards saw leaders from the Australian manufacturing industry celebrate their success at the Arts Centre Melbourne on 16 May.

The Endeavour Awards provides a platform for manufacturers share ideas and promote to acknowledge leadership and growth within the industry.

We sincerely thank all of the attendees and finalists and congratulate the winners of the awards. We would also like the thank all of the sponsors for their support.

The 2019 Endeavour Award winners are:

Manufacturer of the Year – Proudly sponsored by Bestech
Australian Munitions (Thales Australia). 

Technology Application Award – Proudly sponsored by Beckhoff
RMIT University, Advanced Manufacturing Precinct – Additive Manufacturing of Cutting Tools.

The Advanced Manufacturing Precinct is a $35 million technology and research facility established through RMIT University. The project aims to provide new tooling solutions through applying additive manufacturing technology to the fabrication of custom, complex, cutting tools.

Environmental Solution of the Year – Proudly sponsored by COG
Australian Munitions (Thales Australia) – Recycling of Energetic Waste.

Australian Munitions was able to treat 170 tonnes of nitrocellulose waste that was stockpiled at its Mulwala site, doing so in an environmentally compliant manner using safe and cost-effective process.

Australian Munitions is one of the largest suppliers of explosive ordnance to the Australian Defence Force, with a successful track record delivering ammunition, propellants, explosives and related services.

Outstanding Start-up Award – Proudly sponsored by Weld Australia
Persistent Aerospace.

Western Australia’s manufacturer in military-spec drones, Persistent Aerospace’s tethered UAV (TUAV) receives power from the ground via and is able to remain airborne carrying up to 45kg almost indefinitely.

Global Supply Chain Integration of the Year – Proudly sponsored by BULK2020

iOrthotics is one of the first orthotic manufacturers in the world to implement 3D printing technology on scale and supplying 3D products throughout Australia and into international markets. iOrthotics is currently exporting to the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and China.

Best Industrial IoT Application – Proudly sponsored by B&R Automation
Vivid Technology – MATRIXX Intelligent IoT Lighting Platform.

Vivid Technology’s 4.0 MATRIXX system, delivers up to 90 per cent energy efficiency savings and carbon reductions, it captures and converts smart data to drive efficiencies and provide beyond the meter site intelligence.

Safety Solution of the Year – Proudly sponsored by Safe to Work
HMS Group – HMS2000 Mini Loader.

The HMS200 Mini Loader was developed by company founder Jamie Howard. Being remote controlled, the HMS Mini Loader can be operated without the need for expensive shutdowns, maintaining productivity while not compromising safety.

Excellence in Manufacturing Skills Development – Proudly sponsored by IBSA Manufacturing
Ai Group and Swinburne University – Industry 4.0 Higher Apprentice Program.

In collaboration with Siemens, the Ai Group, and Swinburne University have established the first Industry 4.0 Higher Apprentice Program to address the need to prepare students for jobs that are emerging in the market. The Industry 4.0 Higher Apprentice Program has succeeded in combining elements of an apprenticeship and a higher education degree.

Australia Industrial Product of the Year – Proudly sponsored by VEGA Australia
REDARC Electronics – RedVision. 

RedVision brings information and control together in one place. Users can turn devices on or off such as lights, TV’s, electric steps, and fridges from a dedicated display and the RedVision app. This removes the need for multiple switch panels, which in turn allows for more storage space.

Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award – Sponsored by SEW-Eurodrive
Andrew Donald Design Engineering.

Andrew Donald Design Engineering (ADDE) is a specialist in industrial automation solutions. ADDE integrates a combination of robotics, custom machinery, tooling, sensors, and control systems to deliver unique manufacturing solutions. ADDE is a full-service solution provider, with in-house mechanical, electrical and control system design, procurement, manufacture, installation, and support.  

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