Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Technology Application of the Year

Coca-Cola Amatil

PET bottle self-manufacture

Coca-Cola Amatil Supply Chain and Krones Germany have designed, installed and commissioned two new production lines at Coke’s production facility in Sydney. These lines enable PET bottles to be blown and immediately filled on-line, eliminate the need to purchase and transport bottles from another facility, reducing the environmental impact of truck movements and increasing the flexibility of the production lines. 


Hawk Measurement Systems

Gladiator Self Cleaning Acoustic Level Switch

A large export coal mine had problems with microwave and admittance probes on blocked chute applications because of high dielectric magnetite build-up and coal fines build-up. Hawk Measurement Systems used its automatic cleaning acoustic Gladiator switch that removed build-up and was not affected by the high dielectric environment. The acoustic switch is a dual transducer system unaffected by harsh environments. 


Fenning Bairnsdale 

Robotic Timber Sorting and Stacking

Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR) designed an automated solution for Fenning Bairnsdale – a timber conservation firm – to eliminate the need for manual stacking. The company required a flexible solution encompassing full integration of a new robotic system and modifications to existing systems to enable them to remove the manual handling of timber pieces during the sorting and stacking process. 




SmartRider used composite materials engineering firm Marco Engineering in Brisbane to create a unique horse-riding stirrups range called ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups. The tool-making and plastic injection moulding facility was able to engineer the lightweight stirrups in eight bright colours, with built-in UV protection. The stirrups are designed for safety, and ‘break away’ from the foot in the event of a fall, allowing the rider to be freed immediately, instead of being dragged along behind the horse. 


Govan Industries

SAIPEM – ENI India, Power Distribution Panel

Australian company Govan Industries supplied Saudi Arabia with a supply of explosion-proof electrical power distribution panels for the oil and gas industries. These had to be made according to customer specifications, and Govan had to understand different terminologies in Italian, Kuwaiti and Indian. The company used CAD, along with streamlined purchasing, planning, manufacturing, testing, inspection, packing and invoicing procedures, to reduce waste and labour cost. 



Australian Carbon Neutral Paper Sticky Notes

Custom-made manufacturing equipment in Stikki’s Australian manufacturing operations have allowed the company to enter a new market, developing Carbon Neutral Paper Sticky Notes for B2B and consumer customers. Though most sticky notes manufacturers in Australia now import their products for cost reasons, Stikki can manufacture various lines here in Australia. The Carbon Neutral offering saves costs, waste, and the environment.


Ryan Aerospace

Helimod Helicopter Simulator

Ryan Aerospace (Australia) has manufactured the world’s first low-cost, reconfigurable helicopter simulator using advanced 3D CAD. The company used an ‘off the shelf’ system using ‘off the shelf’ products, which gave it a competitive edge since traditional military methods are expensive. A new aluminium profile building system reduced costs and Ryan has since entered agreements with Boeing.


Benedict Industries

Benedict Recycling Chipping Norton Resource Recovery Facility

Benedict Industries’ Recycling Resource Recovery Facility, is a $30 million state-of-the art building and construction waste recovery facility in Sydney. The team invested in optical sorters, wind separation, star screens, trommels, eddy currents and magnet systems. This technology has saved over one million tones of waste from landfill – over 20% more than other firms in the business.



Centor Online iPad Application

Brisbane-based Centor manufactures hardware systems for folding and sliding doors. The company developed its own ‘quote and order’ iPad application called Centor Online, which the company has rolled-out across its business in Australia and overseas. It provides pricing and technical illustrations, takes orders, and prints quotes and orders on a mobile printer and emails them to the customer. It then creates a production order to custom-manufacture the system. This removes waste and improves service.


Dulux Group and Robotic Automation 

Robotic Compositing, Handling & Stocking System

Compositing the various powder ingredients of a customised powder-coat product was a labour-intensive process requiring DuluxGroup staff to handle and decant loose, heavy bags of powders, in different sizes weighing up to 25kg each. DuluxGroup worked with Robotic Automation to develop and install an automated solution incorporating a Major Materials Robotic Loading System, a Minor Materials Robotic Loading System and a SCADA system. They were able to deploy nine staff members to safer areas.


Fast ‘n’ Fun


Fast ‘n’ Fun, which hires radio-controlled entertainment transport, teamed with maintenance firm Mini Driver Grader & Earthworks to develop the Trade Assistance (TA-37) – an all-in-one grader, mower, loader and dozer. The TA-37 was manufactured of 80% roll-formed steel from BlueScope Steel. A short production time and little waste meant the unique vehicle has not only found a market niche, but also uses lean manufacturing principles.  



Additive Manufacturing projects

Formero selective laser melting (SLM) technology is currently being used by Rex Bionics in Perth to develop custom-made prosthesis. The technology has already been successfully trialed for the purpose of making a custom hip implant. SLM can provide custom metal parts in titanium and cobalt chrome for the defence market, medical and dental industries. 


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