Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Safety Scheme of the Year

Congratulations to all five companies who have been named Finalists in the 2011 Endeavour Awards – Safety Scheme of the Year Award category. Read on for the full list.


Allied Mills

Electronic Induction, training and assessment program

Allied Mills is a joint-venture uniting the global milling expertise of Cargill and the grain growing, storage and handling experience in Grain Corp. 

Allied Mills manufactures and distributes a wide range of food ingredients, with some tailor-made for the company’s customers to meet specialised production requirements. 

Others are developed specifically for customers in small business across retail bakers, foodservice and other food manufacturing. 

Allied Mills implemented an electronic induction, safety training and assessment program designed to reduce the amount of resources required to complete an induction. 

Since the company implemented the system it has completed 6,954 inductions with only 73 failures. 

This new safety system will not only prevent accidents in the long-run, but has actually helped the business save $294,730 from printing costs.


Australian Paper Maryvale

Refresher Training Toolbox 24/7

Australian Paper Maryvale implemented a Refresher Training Toolbox 24/7 to train, inform and reinforce basic knowledge from previous and new safety training sessions, 24-hours-a-day. 

The system caters to a workforce of approximately 1,000 personnel, made up of 24-hour shift workers, day workers and administration. 

The toolbox training system records employees’ names, time and date of completion of the toolbox, and automatically places a record of training in the employees’ training database. 

It has the ability to print-out the material contained within the program with provision to make notes. 

Managers and supervisor can carry-out their Safety Day Training or Safety Toolbox sessions on area-related OH&S concerns specific to their business. If employees can not attend a safety training day, they can complete the toolbox online. 


Starr Structures

Starr Structures

Custom fabrication company, Starr Structures’ OHS and Quality management plans have been implemented by sessions from the general manager. 

The OHS workshop has risk assessments and material safety data sheets which have been produced for all workshop processes and hazardous substances respectively. Part of the workshop entails an ‘OHS pack’ with completed Method Statements.

The introduction of Quality control has led to improved efficiencies, less re-work and subsequently better profitability on projects. Quality checks are being done on suppliers’ materials to ensure correct quantities, specifications and standards before a project is started. This has reduced frustrations on the shop-floor and had a positive effect on production times. 

According to Starr Structures, the Quality plan is starting to have a positive impact on the company’s suppliers as the plan reflects its commitment to use local suppliers and products from sustainable sources. 

The company plans to ensure regular reviews of its facility, equipment and procedures in order to strive for best practice and the safest environment. 


Lafarge Plasterboard

Radar ON Excellence in Safety Club

Lafarge Plasterboard introduced a Radar ON Excellence in Safety Club, a safety scheme to reward employees’ attitude towards safety. The Radar ON Excellence in Safety Club is a ‘safety employee of the month’ program that recognises and rewards good safety behaviour. 

There are five designated areas covering all employees depending on their work location or functional area. Site crew members track their employees’ performance, based on a checklist of behaviours which must be demonstrated during the month. Each behaviour is worth one point and at the end of the month each site nominates the employee/s which have demonstrated the highest commitment to safety during the relevant month. 

Up to six employees can be nominated for each of the five designated areas and then photographs of each of the nominees are displayed on the Radar ON Excellence in Safety Noticeboard located at each site. 

Since commencing the program, the company has noticed a continual improvement in the attitude to safety by our employees. Lafarge has conducted annual safety surveys over the last few years and the results have indicated a perceived improvement by employees to the company’s safety performance, communication, training, attitude, processes and systems. The safety incident numbers are declining and workers compensation premiums have also been further reduced, following reductions in previous years.


Stikki Products

Anti-fatigue floor mats 

Stikki implemented a safety scheme to prevent workers from gaining back pain and strains, which then leads to loss of productivity. The company’s factory has a concrete floor, with machines that require manual handling and a lot of standing up while working. The introduction of cardboard-covered anti-fatigue floor mats around machines has reduced incidents in the workplace. 

By securing cardboard with heavy duty tape (around the machines), it has reduced back pain and strains. As a result, staff members have reported feeling more comfortable and productive as they are less fatigued. 

Image courtesy of Ansell.