Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Australian Industrial Product of the Year

Congratulations to all 13 companies who have been named Finalists in the 2011 Endeavour Awards – Australian Industrial Product of the Year category. Read on for the full list.


CKAS Mechatronics

CKAS MotionSim Series – Full Flight Motion Trainers

The CKAS MotionSim Series devices are ‘airline quality’ simulation devices for the commercial training categories of aviation. The MotionSim units sold have had a 20% positive effect on company turnover, even before the official release, the company claims.


CKAS Mechatronics

CKAS DSS-100 Diving Supervisor Simulator

The first product to assist dive supervisors, the CKAS DSS-100 Diving supervisor simulator is the world’s first diving simulator. Governing bodies have moved to embrace the DSS-100 with full support, by re-writing the legislation which governs training.


Hawk Measurement Systems

Gladiator Self Cleaning Acoustic Level Switch

The Gladiator Acoustic Switch uses Acoustic Wave technology in a new sender/receiver form for blocked chute detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery. It is designed for continuous operation in dusty, wet environments. 



AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser

The AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser was developed is an energy management system that enables the user to monitor energy in the home or business and potentially reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.


Baldor Australia

Cooling Tower Motor Drive

Baldor Australia’s motor drive is a power dense, energy efficient RPM AC motor with permanent magnet (PM) rotor technology that provides direct cooling for tower applications. The drive replaces conventional mechanical gear or belt drive speed reduction designs.


Byron Group

Stretchers – 305 / ALS / PLS B

The Byron Group’s range of emergency stretcher offerings provide enhanced maneuverability with reduced physical demand on the operator, along with increased stability. They are said to eliminate the OH&S issues associated with the manual handling of patients. The line-up has lead to new markets and sales revenue.


Furphs Foundry Sales


The Furphy Foundry BETA-SITE toilet was designed and engineered with three key elements in mind: durability, functionality and simplicity. The unisex toilets meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), designed for public settings such as parks, gardens or community facilities such as town halls. Facilities include hand dryer autobeam, surface-mounted horizontal soap dispenser and tissue dispenser.


Hoshizaki Lancer

Ecco Heat

Designed in 2010 the Lancer Ecco Heat System is a de-super heater which captures the waste heat from refrigeration systems and converts it to free hot water through a tube in the tube heat exchanger. Up to 20% of the energy input to the condensing unit can be reclaimed into hot water generation. The product is suitable for various business sizes. 


Hoshizaki Lancer

S4 & S8 Superchiller

Hoshizaki’s S4 and S8 Superchillers are remote post mix chiller and carbonator systems enabling high volumes of cold soft drink to be dispensed in high ambient temperature and humidity conditions. They are the industry standard for on-premise and quick serve applications.


J. Smith & Sons

Smith Mk4 Hydrapede Dolly 

The Smith Hydrapede project was inspired by a noticeable gap in the mine haulage equipment market. The key advantages of the vehicle are a high payload of 400t, narrow build, fast average hauling speed and a long-distance haulage capability. It is suitable for mining.


Ryan Aerospace

Helimod Helicopter Simulator

The world’s first low-cost, reconfigurable helicopter simulator is used by military organisations, emergency services and commercial helicopter training organisations. Ryan Aerospace has already entered agreements with Boeing. 


Seeley International 

Climate Wizard

An indirect evaporative air conditioner, the Climate Wizard draws in hot outside air and passes it through a series of wet and dry channels, allowing natural evaporation to cool the air. Warm, moist air is expelled, and cool air is delivered.


Torque Engineering

10-tonne Hook Load Fast Deployment Winch & Over-boarding Frame

Two fast deployment, 10-tonne winches being used by SapuraAcergy in Malaysia for oil exploration, are remote-controlled, offer real-time displays, and have hot galvanised frames. 


Torque Engineering

10 kN Pneumatic Diving Man Rider Winch

Torque Engineering’s 10 kN Pneumatic Diving Man Rider Winch is a pneumatically-driven man riding winch which has two independent springs and hydraulic release brakes. The winch satisfies the International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) requirements for winches used in offshore.


Traffic Innovations

iStud Range of Detectors and Warning Devices

Traffic Innovations designs and manufactures Innovative Technology Solutions for the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market worldwide. The iStud range of Vehicle Detectors and Warning Devices are suited to road traffic control applications and can be used in conjunction with traffic light controllers.

Image courtesy of ABB.