EMVision to commercialise its world-first portable brain scanner


EMVision, an Australian medtech company, has signed a strategic OEM agreement with global electronics test and measurement equipment supplier, Keysight Technologies. 

Already a world leader in radiofrequency technology, the agreement signifies a strategic push into the medtech sector for Keysight. Its backing of EMVision’s portable medical imaging technology affirms both the multi-billion dollar total addressable market for the scanners, and the global opportunity for Australian innovation. 

Under the agreement, EMVision is granted exclusivity over the supply of Keysight’s “fast sweep” Vector Network Analysers (VNA), which are core to the sensors used inside EMVision’s portable brain scanner. This VNA enables the EMVision device to be miniaturised, making it smaller and more mobile for environments where space is limited — like Intensive Care Units or ambulances. 

EMV 1st Gen Device (L), Clinical Prototype (R).

Alongside the Keysight agreement, EMVision is progressing In-hospital and pre-hospital device development, and preparing for its upcoming expanded, multi-centre clinical trials across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. These studies are intended to support future regulatory clearances, including TGA, CE and FDA, to begin commercialising EMVision’s game changing product. 

The technology, which is on track to go commercial in the coming years, has the potential to improve survival numbers and limit the long-term impact of stroke.  

“This agreement is one we’re extremely excited about, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner than Keysight,” EMVision CEO and managing director Dr Ron Weinberger said. 

“The integration of the Keysight VNA accelerates our pathway to commercialisation, allowing us to bring a best-in-class portable imaging solution one step closer for patients and clinicians. Keysight’s support of our mission to deliver a faster, more accessible diagnostic tool promises great benefit to stroke patients around the world, and I look forward to the commercial phase of our relationship.”