EM1350 Revenue Meter

The EasyLogic EM1350 revenue meter offers all the basic energy measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 144 x 144 mm unit. Characterized by their rugged construction and low installation costs, these state-of-the-art meters are ideal for tenant metering, sub-billing, control panels, motor control centres and genset panels.

The National Measuring Institute of Australia establishes the framework for the regulation of measuring instruments used for energy trade. NMI act requires all the measuring instruments used for trade to be pattern approved and verified. The EM1350 meters are fully complied to NMI M6-1 edition 2 standard and pattern approved.


  • Revenue metering: tenant billing, sub-billing, secondary billing, tariff metering.
  • Panel metering instruments.
  • Industries, commercial buildings, shopping malls.

Key features

  • Cl 1.0 accuracy meter complying to AS/IEC standards requirements
  • NMI- MI 6-1, Ed.2 pattern approved product
  • LCD display power & energy meter, CE/C-Tick approved,
  • AC & DC control power
  • Password protected, tamper proof, non-resettable energy registers

Key benefits

  • Energy integrity with password protection, tamper proof, non-resettable energy counter
  • Load aggregation and monitoring through remote SW
  • Easy to install and program
  • Field settable CT and PT ratio
  • Multi parameter display

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