Electronics systems manufacturer adopts Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

NEWCASTLE-based ATSA, which supports advanced electronic systems and delivers technological and electro-mechanical solutions for equipment in harsh environments, has adopted the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP).

The SCIP framework utilises a number of diagnostic tools to identify areas within the business than can be improved. These focus on modernised supply chain relationships; improved business communications; increased efficiency and simplification and increased innovation.

SCIP originate from the UK, but is being initiated by the defence industry innovation centre through its association with Enterprise Connect. However, it is also being welcomed by the commercial sector.

According to ATSA, the defence and rail industries are jumping on the SCP in a bid to make their whole supply chain more efficient, reduce costs and remove waste from the supply chain process.

However, the program’s benefits, such as the ability to react agilely to customer needs, are expected to cause it to trickle down to other companies.