Electrical steel varnish for use in generators & motors

Axalta Coating Systems in Australia now has available its next generation C5 electrical steel varnish – Voltatex 1250V.

Part of the Voltatex family of electrical insulation products, Voltatex 1250V is suitable for use in multiple applications including electric motors, small and medium power tool generators, traction motors and electric vehicles.

The new product is designed to aid the manufacturing process of magnetic cores of electric machines thanks to its excellent slitting, punching and welding properties.

Once applied, the surface of the cured varnish layer is a glossy light grey that has improved scratch- and corrosion-resistance.

Voltatex 1250V is a water-based and chromium-free formulation as well as REACH compliant which also helps fulfil requirements for reduced environmental impact.

“Voltatex 1250V is a non-acidic, chromium-VI-free C5 varnish designed to satisfy regulatory requirements in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas for fully finished and for semi-finished NGO steel applications,” said Manfred Lueg, Axalta’s Global Business Development Manager for Axalta’s Energy Solutions business.