Electric self-driving cars to stimulate demand in automotive electronics

ELECTRIC self-driving cars were a major trend at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, reports TrendForce.

Eric Chang, automotive electronics analyst for TrendForce, said that the auto industry is driven by the race to develop autonomous driving technology and plug-in vehicles.

The inevitable collision of zero emission and intelligent features will drive the emergence of new sensor technologies, which will transform the input/output interfaces of a vehicle’s infotainment system into radically different forms.

With the machine-human-interface becoming a priority for the consumer experience of automotives, auto-makers are expected to demand higher quality and more powerful displays and computer processors for use in their vehicles.

Chang noted that international auto companies have made their self-driving cars more functionally practical for consumers by introducing more intuitive user interfaces (UI), which indirectly contribute to the rising demand for more and larger display screens in vehicles.

With more powerful computer processors, so too has the reliability of autonomous driving technology.

As one of the latest entries into the sector, Nvidia unveiled a supercomputer for cars at the 2016 CES. This turnkey solution for autonomous vehicles will tap into the power of cloud computing to provide more precise information on a vehicle’s surroundings as well as more accurate predictive modelling.

At CES also, Ford announced a partnership with Google to develop autonomous vehicles which would connect with the smart home.

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