ECS Botanics to acquire medical cannabis manufacturer Murray Meds

Image credit: ECS Botanics

ECS Botanics has announced the company will acquire Murray Meds, a TGA-licenced medicinal cannabis cultivator that manufactures dried flowers, oils and tintures.

Murray Meds has a fully licensed cultivation and manufacturing facility located on the Murray River in north-western Victoria.

The facility holds a Cultivation, Research and Manufacturing Licence from the Australian Office of Drug Control, as well as permits to cultivate and produce 3,500 kilograms of medicinal cannabis.

Murray Meds also holds a TGA Good Manufacturing Practice manufacture licence for dried flower, oils and tinctures.

ECS managing director, Alex Keach, said the acquisition will set up the company to become a globally recognised large scale, low-cost cultivator and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis.

“As a combined group we are positioning to become the largest and most geographically diversified cannabis producer in Australia. Murray Meds has harvested its maiden THC crop and currently has another crop growing,” he said.

“This deal allows ECS to deliver earlier and more substantial revenue, while adding value to cannabis as communicated in our December announcement to purchase equipment for the extraction of cannabis resin.”

In this growing season, Murray Meds has harvested and packed 350kg of medicinal cannabis dried flower, positioning it as one of the largest producers of medicinal cannabis in Australia today.

The major full season harvest is scheduled to commence in April and continue through to late May.

Murray Meds founder and managing director Nan-Marie Schorie will join the board and executive teams when the transaction is completed.

“The opportunities that this deal creates for Murray Meds, its customers and employees is tremendously exciting,”  Schorie said.

“Both organisations are very grounded in their approach to delivering affordable medicinal cannabis as naturally and sustainably as we can, with shared values and an inherent drive to deliver for patients and shareholders.”

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