ECI announces availability of JobBOSS ERP

Last month, ECI Software Solutions, a cloud-based business management solutions specialist, announced that its JobBOSS ERP software is now available to manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. The software is specifically catered to solve the unique challenges that small and mid-sized custom job shops face and will offer local manufacturers the flexibility and visibility needed to grow their businesses.

JobBOSS is a quote-to-cash job shop management software with a range of business-boosting features that enable operational efficiency and increase profitability. Such features include the automation of key business processes, end-to-end scheduling production management, control of material and labour costs, real-time business insights and drilldown dashboards and reporting tools.

Built to handle the constant flux in prototype, production and operations, software is easily integrated into existing business operations and can scale as businesses grow. The platform’s cloud capabilities enable increased flexibility and mobility, allowing users to access mission-critical business data from virtually any device, at any time.

“JobBOSS has been built on decades of investments and is backed by a team dedicated to ensuring successful training, implementations and ROI for the more than 3,000 manufacturers worldwide who rely on the software to run and grow their businesses,” said Matt Heerey, president, ECI Manufacturing Division.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this robust ERP solution to the Australia and New Zealand markets, and will continue to look for opportunities to expand our presence in these important regions.”

“Custom job shops are flourishing in Australia and New Zealand, and we see an opportunity to help them take their businesses to the next level with the power of ERP,” said Joe Wrightman, managing director, ECI Australia and New Zealand. “Initial pilots of the product in these markets have generated positive results, and we can’t wait to see how local manufacturers take advantage of JobBOSS.”

According press statement, JobBOSS ERP is now available as a hosted subscription solution for any Australian or New Zealand-based manufacturer. Anyone who is interested in learning more or requesting a demo should visit

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