Easy accessibility and improved efficiency with specialised rugged PCs

Manufacturing environment is always quite different to a normal working environment and hence requires specialised, rugged computers that can cater to the resiliency and mobility demands of the industry. Whether your operations take place in a restricted indoor factory, an enclosed hangar, or an outdoor testing facility, natural particles and vibrations from the equipment and forklifts can be harmful for an average PC.

The manufacturing industry needs a PC that can handle complex data collection and tracking applications, which is vital to keep the product moving as efficiently as possible.

Improved efficiency at every step translates to huge gains in productivity.  Industrial computers provide immediate access and input of timely information on-site, making those gains more achievable and time-efficient.  Maintaining product standards, meeting safety codes, securing data, and reacting to the needs of the business, requires every member of the workforce to be linked to each other and the flow of materials.

Finding a way to ensure the benefits of smooth computerised operation in a manufacturing environment that ensures the viability of the machine and improves efficiency requires careful consideration.

It can make real sense, therefore, for specialised computing equipment to be used in the manufacturing environment. Having immediate, on-location access to a reliable computer can improve the productivity of an individual operator by streamlining the process of data access and input and improving flow of materials.

Similarly, having computerised management of production can improve accuracy and efficiency in product assembly and distribution. Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) are used across the industry to regulate planning, reduce human error and wastage, as well as to provide a cohesive understanding of all elements of an operation from budgets to process controls, group technology systems, design and manufacturing.

Aside from the cost benefits that come from having a faster and more efficient work process in place, costs can be lowered further by having fewer items of equipment to replace as specialised equipment can last longer in rigorous environments than standard PCs can.

Interworld Electronics offer a variety of purpose-built industrial PCs with the ability to customise it to the end-user’s specific requirements. Their range of industrial PCs is broad and covers an array of features in different models. These include PCs with IP65 / IP69K protection, monitors, all-in-one panel PCs, HMIs and keyboards manufactured from type 304 or 316L stainless steel which can be hosed down and is water and temperature-resistant.

These PCs are suitable for use at ‘the coalface’ of production, to maximise the operational benefits for the user and the company. Interworld Electronics offer units that are fanless, can take excessive shock and vibration and operate over a wide temperature range to suit a host of different manufacturing environments.

Furthermore, they offer PCs that are fully sealed, sealed on five sides, or with only the front panel sealed for environments where water and humidity are issues or where the equipment needs to get hosed down.

It can be reassuring to know that real benefits like increased efficiency, communication and monitoring across all aspects of manufacturing can still be utilised without having to compromise ease of access.

For more information about ruggedised PCs, visit the Interworld Electronics website at ieci.com.au or call (03) 9593 7555

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