DYNSTO releases new high speed generation of vertical lift modules for small parts storage

The EffiMat is a new solution for handling items in standard
boxes, revolutionising traditional vertical lift modules (VLMs) with its
high-speed picking performance.

At least 4-5 times faster than traditional VLMs, the new EffiMat offers
up to 400 order-lines per hour as well as very flexible and compact
parts storage in boxes.

Key benefits of the EffiMat system include easy configuration requiring very limited
pre-planning; automated replenishment leading to higher operating time; high
flexibility allowing for physical integration with other EffiMat VLMs,
conveyors and robots; and excellent ergonomics.

Produced in Denmark and featuring Scandinavian design,
the new EffiMat utilises a new type of cladding for reducing
noise and allowing customer-specified colours and design.

EffiMat’s principle

Items are stored in standard totes or boxes measuring 40 x 60 cm or
60 x 80 cm at flexible heights. Each box either contains one type of item or is
split into smaller compartments. An intelligent lift, divided into
sections, takes relevant boxes from, or delivers to a standard
shelving structure.

EffiMat is represented by DYNSTO Pty Ltd in
Australia and New Zealand.