Dutch firm plans world’s first 3D printed house

Dutch firm Universe Architecture is planning to construct the world's first 3D printed house.

Janjaap Rijssenaars, the architect behind the creation plans on printing the Landscape House in 2014 which he has designed as a continuous loop with only one side.

The BBC spoke with Rijssenaars and said that the estimated cost to create 3D houses will be between 4-5 million euros ($5 – $6.3m AUD) and he plans to put one in each country in the world.

The company describe the plan as "one surface folded in an endless möbius band. Floors transform into ceilings, inside into outside. Production with innovative 3D printing techniques. Architecture of continuity with an endless array of applicability."

Design Build Source describe the process of making the house as being printed through a D shaped printer with the materials being sand bonded by a magnesium based glue- the frame is then filled with 'fibre reinforced concrete'.

Rijssenaars told the BBC: "For me as an architect it's been a nice way to construct this specific design – it has no beginning and no end and with the 3D printer we can make it look like that.

"In traditional construction you have to make a mould of wood and you fill it with concrete and then you take out the wood – it's a waste of time and energy.

"You can print what you want – it's a more direct way of constructing."


Images: Universe Architecture.

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