‘Dumping duties’ will ease pressure for Australian paper manufacturer

An anti-dumping duty will be imposed by the federal government on four countries including Brazil, Thailand, China and Indonesia, it has been reported.

The move is said to prevent further “material injury” to Australian Paper, Australia’s sole copy paper manufacturer, where jobs are reportedly at risk from low-cost imports.

However, Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, is treating the removal of trade barriers for paper and palm oil “as a key issue”, according to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The duty was imposed after the Anti-Dumping Commissioner discovered that exported paper from the four countries was being dumped “with margins of up to 45.1 per cent”.

“The government is concerned about any situation in which Australian businesses are damaged by unfair dumping into the Australian market,” said Craig Laundy, assistant minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

While it is expected 100 per cent of exports from China be subject to a dumping margin of 34.4 per cent, investigations have found exports of paper from Indonesia (expect for one exporter) were dumped with margins of up to 38.6 per cent.

“Manufacturing in Australia has been under increasing pressure from imported products and it is crucial that we have an effective anti-dumping system to ensure free trade,” said the Australian Forest Products Association CEO Ross Hampton.