Dubai workers start clocking on in 3D printed office building

Dubai has opened what is claimed to be the world’s first 3D printed office building.

AAP reports that the offices were printed in 17 days for $US 140,000 by WinSun Global of China, which made news in 2014 when it printed 10 houses in a day.

As with the houses, the offices were not made in one piece, and it took a further two days to assemble in Dubai following shipment of 17 building modules.

“Why 3D printing? Because it makes sense in terms of cost, in terms of time-saving, in terms of efficiency,” Saif al-Aleeli, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation told AAP. It is, according to al-Aleeli, the first “fully functional 3D printed building”.

The structures were printed out of materials including cement using six-metre-tall printers.