DSI factory could close after SsangYong contract winds up next year

The Lavington DSI Holdings factory, which makes gearboxes for SsangYong, is at risk of closing once its contract with the South Korean automotive company runs out.

Workers at the factory were paid a visit by Mike Turner, the company’s CEO, and senior management recently, and were updated on the Geely Automobile subsidiary’s situation. Geely, based in Hong Kong, acquired DSI in 2009.

The Border Mail reports that there has been no work secured beyond October 2014, when a contract with SsangYong runs out. 

AMWU representative Sean Morgan said that workers were understandably concerned.

“The company has put proposals to China to keep the current workforce with a few plans of what they want to try and do,” he told the Border Mail.

“If they are approved they will keep the workers — if they don’t, they won’t. Past experience tells me we won’t hear anything from China for another four weeks.”

The factory currently employs 200, though in 1982 this number was as high as 1,250, when DSI supplied Ford, GM Holden and Nissan.

Image: pdalbury.wordpress.com

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