Drop in Volkswagen sales follows safety concerns

Volkswagen sales dropped in August dropped by 9.6 per cent in August. And the European automotive company’s sales figures for the year have so far recorded a 12.6 per cent drop.

The ABC reports that these figures come in the context of a generally flat Australian car market.

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, as a whole, the sector experienced a 0.2 per cent fall in August compared to the same time last year.

93,336 vehicles were sold in August and the top selling vehicle, the Mazda 3 sold 4,188.

The negative result for Volkswagen comes as the manufacturer is in the middle of a recall of some of its cars. The recall was prompted by safety concerns and was announced after an inquest into the death of Melbourne woman Melissa who was killed in a Volkswagen vehicle.

The inquest heard that in January 2011, the car that Ms Ryan's was driving on the Monash Highway seemed to suddenly lose power and was then hit from behind by a truck.

The cars that are being recalled include various models, along with some Skoda and Audi models fitted with direct shift gearboxes (DSG).

A spokesman for Volkswagen told the ABC, "Regarding our sales, we are pleased with the August result as we saw our sales grow against a drop in the overall market.

"We are progressing well with the recall.”

The Coroner is expected to deliver her findings on the cause of Melissa Ryan's death by the end of the year.

Image: ABC