DroneShield secures multi-million-dollar counter drone deal

DroneShield's DroneGun Picture courtesy of DroneShield

Counter drone technology provider DroneShield has secured its biggest ever order for DroneGuns, a rifle shaped mobile jamming device designed to disable intruding drones with electromagnetic signals.

The $3.2 million order for 70 DroneGuns comes from an unspecified Middle Eastern country allied with western governments, according to a statement by DroneShield.

DroneShield is based in Sydney and Virginia in the US, and its DroneGun is a lightweight radio-frequency jamming device with a range of up to one kilometre.

DroneShield chief executive Oleg Vornik said the order is likely to be just the beginning of the company’s relationship with the Middle Eastern country’s ministry of defence.

“We believe that this is a company-making sale and a game-changer for DroneShield,” he said in a statement.

“This sale, the largest ever in the industry for this kind of equipment, establishes DroneShield as the leader in the industry, globally, and places DroneShield well ahead of its competitors in the global anti-drone industry ‘land grab’.”

The company is pursuing contracts in dozens of countries, and while there is no assurance that any of those opportunities will result in sales, this order is expected to accelerate the adoption of DroneShield products by a range of government and corporate users, he said.

Droneshield said its ability to fulfil the order requires approval by a US regulator overseeing defence exports.

The order follows on from a European order for DroneShield’s DroneSentinel stationary aerial drone detection system in March. The $210,000 DroneSentinel order also included two DroneGun units.