Driverless cars could be made in Aus: motoring group

Driverless cars are on the way and Australia may be able to
play a part in manufacturing them, according to the Royal Automobile
Association of South Australia (RAA).

RAA’s Future Mobility Forum took place in Adelaide yesterday
and one of the main topics of discussion was the future of self-driving cars.

Prior to the event, RAA General Manager Public Affairs Penny
Gale said in a statement, “South Australia’s manufacturing industry has gone
through a lot in recent years, particularly as we move towards the imminent
exit of all vehicle manufacturing in SA by 2017.

“The ideas we’re talking about here might create new
opportunities for our local motoring industry, whether we build the driverless
cars here in SA, or build the robots that will help build those vehicles. It
shows a lot of promise.”

Speaking at the forum, former VP at General Motors and
adviser to the Google Car Self-Driving Car Project, Larry Burns lead
discussions about what travel will look like in the years to come.

“The future of transportation is really exciting and cars
that drive themselves are much closer than many people realise,” said Mr Burns.

In fact, as reports, the technology has come so far
that in California driverless cars are already road-legal.

In addition, trials of the cars have taken place in Japan,
Singapore, Germany, and Sweden; and the UK will allow trials on public roads in
January next year.

Image: Google