Driver-less bus to arrive in Perth in April

Perth is set to be the first Australian city to trial a driver-less bus, according to West Australia’s transport minister.

The ABC reports that a trial of a French-made bus using “multi-sensor technology” will begin at the WA RAC’s private roads. The bus will arrive in April.

"The timing to actually get it onto public roads will really be [dependent on] satisfying the Government and Department of Transport that the regulations are right, that it's safe enough," Terry Agnew, chief executive of the state's RAC, told the ABC.

"So I can't give a timing on that simply because that will be their call."

Ninemsn reports that the buses will travel at a maximum speed of 45 kilometres an hour, average around 25 kilometres an hour, and be able to carry 15 passengers along an as-yet unnamed route.

A collection of cities with driverless buses on their roads profiled by Gizmodo last October includes Lausanne (Switzerland), Zhengzhou (China) and Trikalu (Greece).

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