Dow Chemical’s Liveris blasts political debate, cuts to R&D

Dow Chemical chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris has criticised recent cuts to
R&D in the budget and the overall state of federal politics.

speaking at an Australian Institute of Company Directors lunch yesterday,
warned that Australia could lose another 15,000 manufacturing jobs in the next
five years due to ineffective policies.

Courier Mail
reports that Liveris, who is also co-chair of the US Advanced Manufacturing Partrnership Steering Committee, was scathing of the recent
budget cuts to the CSIRO, worth $111 million over
four years.

“I’m hoping this
country will wake up one day,” The Courier Mail reports him saying.

According to The Australian, Liveris said, “If you go
down the scale of R&D investments from a public-sector leverage point of
view to the universities and CSIRO, you will keep tumbling down that scale.

“I believe Australia punches above its weight but in this area
it is falling behind in the intersection of innovation and production.’’

Liveris was also critical of the state of federal politics,
calling for more bipartisanship to avoid derailing the government’s mandate for

He said the quality of debate in the last six years had approached
that seen in America.

“Instead of working together you just throw things at each other
and yell at each other,” he said.

“That is really scary. I have never seen an Australia like that.”