Donaldson builds factory in China to meet local compressor demand

Air compressor manufacturer Donaldson Australasia has built a new technical centre in Wuxi, China, dedicated to meeting the compressor needs of Australia and Asia.

Stefan Loebbert, Director of Industrial Air Filtration (IAF) and Compressed Air & Process (CAP) for Donaldson Asia Pacific, made the announcement while visiting Australia this month for Donaldson’s sales conferences.  

Loebbert provided the group with an update on recent investments made in the region to strengthen both the product portfolio as well as the company’s ability to customise designs for customers within the Asia Pacific region, the company reported.

Historically, many of Donaldson Australasia’s products have come from design centres in North America or Europe which, according to Donaldson, often resulted in extended lead times or the need for modifications to meet local requirements.

The new China technical centre will aim to solve these problems and meet local demand directly.

“This technical centre will be a strong complement to our Australian manufacturing facility as well as our sales and applications engineering teams,” said Loebbert.  

“What this means for our customers is an improved supply chain, increased capability to meet stringent local requirements and the ability to provide custom solutions more effectively.”

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