Divergent says “3D printed car” could out-accelerate Porsche Spyder

A start-up car maker, Divergent Microfactories, has claimed that its “3D printed” supercar, the Blade, can reach 60 miles per hour quicker than the Porsche 918 Spyder.

As reported last week, San Francisco-based Divergent has announced a car, which it calls the Blade. This features a 3D printed aluminium “Node” in its chassis. The whole car weighs 1,400 pounds, and most of its body is carbon fibre.

 It runs on compressed natural gas.

An unnamed spokesperson from the start-up told Mashable that the car’s 700-horsepower engine could reach 60 miles per hour in two seconds, though there are questions about the reliability of the engine.

Turbocharging could help the four-cylinder car achieve such acceleration, but would quickly damage the engine.


Image: http://www.smartprinting.co/