Developing Northern Australia: NT supports manufacturing

Developing Northern Australia

Around 300 leaders, decision makers, industry representatives and senior public servants gathered in Mackay yesterday for the Developing Northern Australia Conference. 

Minister for Northern Australia and Trade, Nicole Manison attended the conference to explore opportunities and advance economic and social development for the Northern Territory. 

The NT government is supporting key sectors and harnessing its greatest competitive advantages, such as energy, renewables and gas for manufacturing, minerals and agribusiness, tourism, defence and maritime, as well as supporting the digital and space industries. 

“Northern Australia accounts for 5 per cent of Australia’s population and 53 per cent of Australia’s land mass and offers the greatest opportunity in the nation to increase productivity and economic output. The Territory government continues to demonstrate leadership and commitment to developing Northern Australia,” Manison said. 

Highlighted at the conference, the NT is delivering a range of defining projects for northern Australia including: 

  • Northern Australia’s largest ship lift; 
  • Accelerated development of the NT’s gas, petroleum and minerals sectors through the record-breaking resourcing the Territory initiative; 
  • Delivering a safer, more reliable and sustainable water supply for the Darwin region through the Manton Dam Return to service and Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS) projects; 
  • Core Lithium has commenced construction of the NT’s first lithium mine, the $89million Finniss Project near Darwin in October last year; 
  • Santos is proceeding with the US$3.6 billion gas and condensate Barossa Project, paving the way for a US$600 million investment in their Darwin liquefied natural gas (LNG) project – extending the life by 20 years; 
  • Over $8 billion is being invested by the federal government to upgrade infrastructure on defence bases and training areas; 
  • The Sun Cable solar project, a $30 billion globally significant investment ready project will pave the way to a new export industry; 
  • NEXT-DC will begin construction of its $150 million data centre in the Darwin CBD this year and DCI Data Centres has confirmed they also plan to construct a data centre in Darwin; and 
  • Significant investments in the development of a new space industry. 

“The Territory is crucial to the northern Australia agenda and our agricultural, resources and mining sectors have a significant role to play in attracting private investment, creating long-term, sustainable employment and diversifying Northern Australia’s suite of exports,” Manison said. 

“We are doing everything we can to ensure we achieve our goal of a $40 billion economy by 2030.”