Detmold launches I am eco

Leading global packaging company, Detmold Group has taken its
environmental packaging range to a new level with the launch of an innovative
brand called ‘I am eco’.

Marketing Manager of the Australian owned and operated Detmold Group Shane
Fuller explains that the new biodegradable packaging range uses a unique
bagasse sugarcane board material formed into food pails by their manufacturing
plant. The food pails are already being used by popular quick service
restaurant Nando’s for several of their menu items with great success.

Representing Detmold’s commitment to trial alternative renewable
materials, bagasse sugarcane board is not only made from 100% recycled content
but can be converted into solid board sheets for effective printing and more
efficient transporting, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Recent research indicates the increasing preference for environmental
packaging within the hospitality industry in response to the demand from end
customers while also creating a point of difference for the business in the

According to Mr Fuller, with the introduction of I am eco, Detmold Group’s
specialist division for the food service industry Detpak offers a large range
of environmental packaging with biodegradable and compostable properties.

All 52 items in the I am eco packaging collection are made exclusively
from plants such as sugarcane, corn and trees. Detpak’s original ripple wrap
cup is now available in the I am eco range along with a suite of new products
including smooth double wall hot cups, plates, bowls, lunch boxes and pails in
numerous sizes.

Offering a wide range of eco packaging products as well as secure
traditional products, Detpak has become a one-stop-shop for all packaging
needs. Detmold also offers expertise in custom printing on many products in the

Genovese Coffee General Manager, Martin Jackson comments
that Detpak’s expanded range of eco cups not only meets their specific needs
but also gives their customers a sense they are doing their bit for the

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