Department 13 launches counter-drone solution

MESMER Version 1 Demo model

Department 13 has released a unique counter-drone product, the MESMER Version 1, to protect personnel and infrastructure from other dangerous drones.

The model uses non-kinetic mitigation to control the airspace. The MESMER platform uses automated detection to stop, direct, land or take control to control other drones in a number of commercial and defence scenarios.

Jonathan Hunter, chief executive officer of Department 13, said that no drone solution can take down others the way the MESMER does.

“MESMER is designed to secure commercial, public or government airspace from the increasing threat of drones. It utilises unrivalled protocol manipulation technology, enabling it to take control of drones and land them safely in a defined exclusion zone,” he said.

“Our solution is superior to other technologies available in the market that jam or shoot drones down and pose significant risk for the personnel and infrastructure they are designed to protect. Having delivered MESMER on time and on budget, Department 13’s focus is now to drive sales, both directly and through our partner channels, and to establish the product as the global market leader in counter-drone technology.”

The patented technology is built on open source software architecture, allowing it can to integrate into existing security and surveillance systems.

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