Dematic Introduces New Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Solution

Dematic, a supplier of
logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution centre, has launched
a new Put Wall System* to enhance online order
fulfilment productivity and accuracy in Australian retail distribution centres.

Functioning as an order consolidation and packing hub,
Dematic’s Put Wall System delivers high speed, accuracy and efficiency in split
case picking applications. After all goods required for a wave of orders have
been picked they are delivered to the Put Wall either on a pallet, by trolley
or, in higher volume applications, by an integrated conveyor system.

Advanced algorithms within Dematic’s warehouse control
and order fulfilment software manage and direct the complex process of picking
and ‘putting’ multiple batch picked items to individual orders, as well as
shipping these orders.

“The boom has dramatically increased the
proportion of orders that require manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers,
retailers and e-tailers to pick, pack and ship individual items. This much higher volume of smaller orders is placing
pressure on supply chains and requiring many businesses to revise their
approach to split case order picking, packing and distribution,” said Darren Rawlinson, Manager
Direct & Wholesale Distribution at Dematic “The most efficient way to process multiple orders for the same item is
to batch the orders together, pick the total number of items required for the
batch in one pass, and then sort the items to individual orders.

“While batch picking and sorting full case orders via
conveyor sortation systems is commonplace in retail distribution DCs, batch
picking and sorting split case items requires a different approach.Dematic’s new Put Wall System improves the
productivity and accuracy of sorting batch picked split case items to
individual orders, reducing labour costs and boosting throughput capacity.”

The Dematic Put Wall System software
can create groups and batches automatically or allow ‘ad hoc’ tote and batch
operations by pickers as orders become available. The system also enhances
visibility of DC performance such as Put Wall performance, system progress,
order information, picks per operator, total picks, and items packed.

Dematic Put Wall throughput rates range from 200 to
500 items per operator per hour, with the packing side usually running at rates
of around 100 to 250 items per operator per hour. Each Put Wall module can process
single line or multi-line orders. They can also be mounted on wheels to be
moved around or between warehouses as demand changes.