Deloitte: Australia needs to beef up cyber-security

Financial services firm Deloitte has warned that Australian governments and businesses need to toughen their defences against cyber attacks, according to Sky News.

Australia currently has the fifth highest level of cyber attacks in the world and Deloitte says that distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) will become more sophisticated, harder to combat and more frequent this year.

Deloitte is predicting that there will be 10 million cyber attacks per year and that they are increasingly common because of faster internet speeds, more interconnection and the proliferation of code.

In the manufacturing space, the same level of vigilance or more, is paramount – another Deloitte report, Safeguarding the Internet of Things, notes that a number of elements of manufacturing are vulnerable to cyber threats including sensors, control systems.

For example, sensors are vulnerable to cyber threats because the “are susceptible to counterfeiting (fake products embedded with malware or malicious code); data exfiltration (extracting sensitive data from a device via hacking) and identity spoofing (an unauthorised source gaining access to a device using the correct credentials).”

Deloitte consulting partner Stuart Scotis said in the firm’s annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference that internet infrastructure defences need to remain dynamic.

“Any defence that is predictable can be specifically targeted by attackers,” Scotis said.

“Preparation should include the design of deceptive approaches that establish a false reality for adversaries and can help disperse adversarial traffic.’

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