Defence manufacturers receive Innovation Hub funding

The Defence Industry Minister, Melissa Price, announced that two companies have received funding from the Defence Innovation Hub.

The first, Sypaq Systems, will receive $3.5 million to develop an unmanned aerial system (UAS) to operate in harsh environmental conditions. The company will utilise a hybrid power delivery system and is developing the UAS for use in maritime environments.

“If successful, this UAS would be capable of operating from ships at sea and performing a range of surveillance and reconnaissance operations,” said Price.

Sypaq Systems, an engineering and systems integration company, works not only in defence and aerospace but in the integration of sensors and surveillance to other areas.

The other grant, also announced on October 8, was of $1 million to Sonartech Atlas. The funding will go towards the development of a mobile software system, that can analyse communications transmissions in a marine context.

The grant will allow Sydney-based Sonartech to produce a prototype system. Incorporating local Australian businesses into defence technology was a key part of the Defence Innovation Hub, said Price.

“We don’t need to look very far when it comes to groundbreaking technology and support for our defence force – Australian businesses continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the defence industry,” said Price.

Sonartech Atlas is known for its underwater acoustic technology.