Defence committee views Japanese submarine bid as the weakest: report

According to a report today, the Japanese submarine proposal is seen as the weakest of the three prospective bids by a defence department panel.

The Australian reports that the panel, headed by Rear Admiral Greg Sammut, saw the French bid (headed by DCNS) as the strongest, followed by the German and Japanese consortia.

Based on the “competitive evaluation process” announced 14 months ago, the committee made its recommendations to the national security committee of cabinet on Tuesday. It has not yet been before a full cabinet meeting.

Each of the three bids had to provide three proposals: one in Australia, one overseas and another a combination of the two.

DCNS’s Herve Guillou said that building in Australia was the only suitable option.

“After 10 years you have to upgrade things as technology improve­s to keep up your regional superiority,” he told The Australian.

“You need not only a database and a supply chain, you also need engineering know-how and know-why.”

Before the change of prime ministership last September, Japan was seen as the clear favourite.

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