Decaf demand drives triple expansion of Pod Pack coffee manufacturing

Australasia’s leading producer of coffee pods, Pod Pack Australia has more than trebled the capacity of its contract manufacturing plant.

Australasia’s leading producer of coffee pods, Pod Pack Australia has more than trebled the capacity of its contract manufacturing plant to cater for the rapidly rising demand for easily prepared fresh and speciality product, including decaffeinated coffee.

Pod Pack’s newly expanded Silverwater plant now houses three process and packaging machines, each producing quantities of between 100kg to several tonnes of individually branded clean, fresh and no-waste pods for office, domestic and retail markets including coffee shops and chains, pubs, clubs, motels, cafes, caterers and restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Pod Pack Australia Operations Manager Mr Martin French, the big change in coffee retailing and the company’s expansion is being driven in part by surging customer demand not only for more varieties of fresh coffee, but also for the decaf variety.

He explains that the trend in Australasia is following the US market, where decaf accounts for close to 20 per cent of sales. Wholesale and retail customers appreciate that traditional grinding on demand can result in costly waste, extra grinders and stale product in speciality lines, which are, by their nature, used less often than mainstream blends.

Pods can be used with all existing commercial machines through the addition of a new vertically adjustable filter specifically designed to maximise the quality of coffee extraction using 10g and 14g pods. The handle avoids the cost and complexity of systems that lock users into a particular type of machine.

Available in 7, 10 and 14 g sizes, Pod Pack pods are hermetically sealed in foil pouches, using nitrogen to preserve the fresh flavour and extend shelf life for up to two years. The new machines at the Silverwater plant produce pods that are clean, hygienic, simple-to-use and waste-free.

The coffee is already ground, closed in the proper quantity (single or double) and tamped for optimum extraction every time. Pods can be offered in many different blends and bean origins, each strongly branded as required to reflect customer preferences and allow restaurants to offer a wider selection of flavours.

A major advantage comes from the ability of untrained staff to produce a quality product every time from the pods. In domestic use, they provide fresh, clean and perfect extraction by any member of the family.

The pods are easy to store and count in vending and dispensing units, at offices and motels for example, where they are also ideal for in-room use. They also enhance hygiene and cost-efficiency in retail and office environments by eliminating extra grinders, stale old coffee, mess and waste.

Mr French adds the new Silverwater facility provides a state-of-the-art, high efficiency and highly reliable third party packing operation for the manufacture of coffee pods using the customer’s coffee.

In addition to providing quality control in an HACCP accredited modern cleanroom environment, the new facility offers specially designed packaging and filter materials to ensure quality finished products. Single and double espresso pods and soft filter pods are available within the foil pouches, on which individual names and logos can be displayed. 

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