Cut the ‘paper work’, watch efficiency grow

Ask any technician on your plant floor what their biggest job-pain is and they will likely tell you “admin”.

According to global research figures, plant line supervisors are spending on average 30-50% of their time on administration, when they should be concentrating on developing business improvements and dealing with new demands like higher outputs and increased quality.

Concentrating all of your efforts on the efficiency of plant machinery, yet neglecting to improve processes for things like reporting, inventory control and material planning, can have a negative impact on a business who is trying to maintain a competitive advantage.

After all, it is expensive to pay skilled technicians and engineers to input data for reports, instead of spending their time troubleshooting problems. Disruptions to workflow such as ordering parts, reporting, and consulting machine manuals, has a much greater impact on productivity than you might think.

In production/manufacturing planning, using an Excel spread sheet to track orders might be fine for the worker collecting the data, but this system will not talk to sales, warehouse or shipping.

For small manufacturers looking to scale, a buying decision is usually made between software such as a high cost MES system or an expensive piece of machinery- but not both.


A solution is now available for all manufacturers, large or small, who are looking to improve operations and processes without the high price tag usually attached to MES systems.

IFM’s LINERECORDER is a modern MES system with up to 15 add-ons/apps that help to improve plant efficiency by highlighting the bottlenecks in manufacturing plants, whilst also assisting with order and material management and creating reports for things like plant OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness), product tracing, process tracing and more.

IFM’s LINERECORDER is a cost effective MES system that enables small manufacturers to only buy the applications that they need -rather than a whole function suite, and is suitable for use on tablets, smartphones, and other computing technologies as needed.

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