CSL builds new VIC plant to make blood products

A new era for Australian manufacturing could be emerging with the entry of major health and pharmaceutical players.

Blood products maker CSL has revealed its plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Broadmeadows, Victoria.

The new plant construction is part of the company’s $250m capital expenditure plan to upgrade its facilities over four years. Completion date has been set for 2016.

CSL chief executive Brian McNamee told media that the new plant would create hundreds of jobs in Australia.

"We think over all there will be many hundreds of jobs created through the construction and long term operation of the plant," he said.

"This is a 10 to 20 year decision not a one year decision. (The plant) will be designed for further modular expansion."

The new plant will manufacture Privigen, CSL’s 10% liquid formulation of human immunoglobulin treatment for people’s whose immune system does not function properly

CSL will export the product manufactured from Broadmeadows to markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The company’s main manufacturing base is Bern, Switzerland – this is where it makes all of its immunoglobulin products.

Industry has speculated that CSL’s move to Broad meadows is a due to the rising Swiss franc against the weakening US dollar and euro which has pushed up costs for CSL’s exports.

The news follows international pharmaceutical company Sanofi’s $14.2m expansion at its Virginia, Queensland operations to improve its manufacturing, quality control and R&D operations in the state.

The expansion will see the company become Queensland’s first manufacturer of softgel capsules for vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements and is expected to make Sanofi’s Brisbane plant the doorway to the Asia-Pacific and international capsule market.

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