CSL announces increased supply of Privigen

Global biotherapies company CSL has officially announced the first export of the intravenous immunoglobin product Privigen from the new Broadmeadows factory.

A statement from the company said that the new Turner Privigen facility would greatly increase its output of Privigen, previously only made at Bern, Switzerland. 

(The shipment had been made in December, and was reported at the time.)

"The increased capacity and manufacturing flexibility that the Turner plant adds fulfils our commitment to our patients with rare diseases, ensuring access to more product for more patients around the world", said Val Romberg, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Planning at CSL, in a statement.

The first production from the new Turner Privigen facility at Broadmeadows came after a five-year construction and development project.

Earlier this month, CSL announced an interim profit of $US 719 million (roughly a billion Australian dollars), up 3.8 per cent. Privigen sales were up 13 per cent in the results.

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