CSIRO’s Data61, Unisys Corporation co-create border security solution

Unisys Corporation and CSIRO’s data analytics branch, Data61 have collaborated to develop a data analytics solution capable of detecting border security risks.

The research collaboration involves assessing anonymised data sets from airlines using analytics and machine learning to identify patterns that indicate potential risks of both traveller intent and cargo contents.

Data61 and Unisys plan to create a proof-of-concept at a major Asian hub then use the results to create an analytics product that can be used by governments to ensure their nations’ border security.

Unisys vice president for public sector Mark Forman said that the collaboration comes as the world becomes less secure.  

“Unisys’ deep domain expertise and global reach combined with Data61’s analytics and machine learning capabilities provides a unique opportunity to advance border security technology around the world during a time of increasingly sophisticated threats and greater dependence on international travel and cargo shipments,” Forman said.