CSIRO report identifies challenges and opportunities in industrial hydrogen use

A new report from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has identified industrial processes as one of five key national opportunities for an Australian hydrogen industry.

The report laid out the research steps Australia needs to take to realise 7600 jobs and a $11 billion hydrogen industry by 2050.

With 23 institutions exploring hydrogen in technology and research areas, and 23 demonstration projects and research facilities around Australia, understanding the capabilities of an Australian industry will direct the growth of a sustainable industry.

To get to this goal, however, the CSIRO identified that Australia will have to overcome significant challenges including producing and transporting hydrogen at scale,  switching current industrial hydrogen users to clean hydrogen, and to adapt current processes to use hydrogen or a derivative.

CSIRO research director Patrick Hartley noted that if Australia were to surmount these roadblocks, the knock-on effects would be significant.

“Importantly, solving the challenges identified can have a multiplier effect that boosts demand for hydrogen – particularly in large scale industrial settings – and encourages further hydrogen supply cost reductions through improvements in efficiency and economies of scale.”

The report, sponsored by government departments, agencies, and industry highlighted that investment in research, development, and demonstration can leap over current technological or logistical barriers.

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