CSIRO partners with start-up Ecocentric to develop energy efficiency system

Numen energy system (supplied)

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) will partner with start-up Ecocentric on a system that recognises the electrical ‘fingerprint’ of different appliances to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

The CSIRO and Ecocentric have agreed on a licensing and research agreement under which they will further develop the ‘Numen’ energy system.

‘Numen’ identifies a building’s total energy signal, the appliances in the building and then separates out appliance-specific consumption data on how much energy the appliance is using.

Using CSIRO algorithms, Numen improves the processes involved in using and conserving energy in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Numen uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy consumption in real time, allowing unprecedented insights into the operation of critical machinery.

CSIRO energy director Karl Rodrigues said the system has great potential to improve the data gathered.

“The energy domain is experiencing an increased focus in the megatrend ‘digital immersion’, affecting both domestic and commercial energy consumers,” Rodrigues said.

“Our research is helping drive the next wave of productivity and efficiency in energy consumption.”

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