CSIRO expertise in water-saving shower nozzle

CSIRO aided New Zealand shower mixer manufacturer Felton Products in its development of the Oxijet water-saving nozzle.

The Oxijet nozzle, which fits to most existing shower heads, reduces water use by drawing air into the water stream.

As a result, the water droplets are hollow, and the stream feels just as wet and strong as a full-flow shower, while reducing the actual amount of water used by up to 50 percent. This is in contrast with traditional flow restrictors, which reduce water flow and pressure, affecting comfort during showers.

The nozzle is based on CSIRO’s Dr Jie Wu’s fluid dynamics work. Roger Marty, General Manager of Felton, said CSIRO’s expertise was invaluable when developing Oxijet.

"The concept of using an aerated showerhead to save water is not new, but the technology behind our device using an aerator insert allows the device to work with existing showers already installed. Our engineers worked with Dr Wu's team to turn the concept into an inexpensive, quality product," he said.

All Australian states are now under water restrictions or permanent water efficiency measures, and water prices are continuing to rise. Oxijet is one solution which could reduce the water bill.

Oxijet has been trialled by Novotel Northbeach in Wollongong and will be rolled out across the entire hotel to yield water savings. It is accredited by the Australian Watermark and Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards.

It is now available for purchase in Australia.