Cross-country collaboration leads to Adelaide jobs, says agricultural manufacturer

Image: Farm Weekly

A collaboration by Hardi Australia with its sibling companies will create jobs in South Australia, according to the company’s chief executive.

The Advertiser reports that Hardi – owned by Hardi International (of Holland), which is in turn owned by Exel Industries (of France) – has helped develop a new specialised crop sprayer.

The self-propelled machine, called the Rubicon, was designed in France for Australian conditions, and the 9,000-litre machine can spray as many as 1,000 hectares a day.

“We are collaborating with our French sibling companies to design and jointly manufacture the largest self-propelled sprayer in Australia,” chief executive Bill Franklin told The Advertiser.

“It means we will be growing and doing more manufacturing and assembly here in Adelaide.”

The machines are shipped to Australia and finished in Cavan, north of Adelaide, with about 50 per cent value added. Wheels, tanks and other components are added.

Details on the Rubicon 9000 can be seen at Farm Weekly‘s website.