CRC project showed potential usefulness of analytics: Seeley


Londsale-based manufacturer Seeley International was part of a big data project, collecting information on its products from around the world to help inform product design.

Seeley and two other businesses were part of the Data to Decisions CRC’s Big Data Connect Program. Information from sensors about post-sale use could help inform “possible future products and services for customers” said the CRC’s Troy Wuttke.

Data collected from Seeley’s coolers around the world helped the company see potential in the concept.

“[It made] us aware of analytics such as machine learning which has the potential to improve performance and efficiency on a global scale,” general manager Rob Gilbert told The Advertiser.

Seeley, established in 1972, is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, and has factories in Lonsdale and Albury (NSW).

The program was funded through a $240,000 grant from the SA government’s Manufacturing Technologies Program. The other businesses were also part of the Big Data Connect pilot.