Crafty Chef to invest in new carbon-reducing freezer system

Western Sydney food manufacturer Crafty Chef will reportedly reduce its carbon emissions by more than 50% through a factory upgrade and new freezer system designed to bring massive energy savings.

Crafty Chef, which produces frozen prepared meals, finger foods and sauces for supermarket chains, will embark on the $1.1 million project thanks to funding from the Australian Government’s $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Program.

The government has reportedly supplied $500,000 toward Crafty Chef’s new $600,000 freezer investment, which will replace the manufacturer’s existing commercial blast freezer system.

The new industrial spiral freezer system is said to use ammonia as the refrigerant, along with an evaporative condenser which delivers an increase in overall system efficiency and electric power demand savings.

Crafy Chef general manager and co-founder Jitesh Gohil said the company would not have been able to perform the upgrade without the government’s funding.

“Without the Government funding, the project would not have been possible,” Gohil said.

“Crafty Chef is proud of this project and excited to be a manufacturer aware of the need in the current world climate to be taking action to reduce emissions. It also simply makes good business sense as the cost of power is rising and if Australia’s manufacturers, big and small, are to continue to prosper we need to transform how we operate.”

So far, 13 businesses have each nabbed a share of $8.1 million in funding to help them improve production efficiency in preparation for the carbon tax.

A tilemaker, packaging producer, food processor and winery are among the first manufacturers to receive the Clean Technology Investment Program grant.

The Program is designed to inject money garnered from carbon tax-payers back into industry as capital equipment allowance.

According to the Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program together with the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program provide practical assistance to help Australian manufacturers in all industries transition to a clean energy future and become cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable.

“Helping businesses and manufacturers improve their energy efficiency and support clean technology innovation activities are a central element of the plan to move Australia to a clean energy future,” said a press release from Combet’s office.

“Other manufacturers are encouraged to follow the lead of Crafty Chef and invest in the future of their business.”

To find out more about the Clean Technology Programs visit the AusIndustry website.


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