Cost increases could kill businesses, says Brisbane sign company

Smith, managing director of fourth-generation, Brisbane-based signage company
Albert Smith Group, has said the further cost increases could ruin many in the

Smith, who spoke to the Courier Mail after yesterday’s PMI results showed the sector
remained in contraction, said life would be “even more stretched” with
electricity cost hikes added to fuel increases.

The federal budget last month included plans to increase the fuel excise – which has
remained at 38.1 cents a litre since 2001 – twice a year in line with

“Logistics is a
major cost in Australia,” he told the Courier Mail.

“A container
from Shanghai delivered to my door is arguably cheaper than I can send a truck
to Melbourne.”

Smith added that
a wage increase could “deal a fatal blow to the many already struggling
manufacturing companies out there.”

Albert Smith Group traces its beginnings back to 1873 and founder Samuel Smith, to whom
Rodney Smith and sales director Mitchell Smith are great grandsons.

The company makes, installs, designs and maintains signs.