Cork-free bubbly wine could be just around the corner

The Australian Wine Research Institute and packaging manufacturer SPS Australia International have been examining screw caps on sparkling wine, though some have reservations that this development could limit export opportunities.

Adelaide’s AWRI and SPS have been developing the caps for two years, the ABC reports, and their use could be as little as six months away.

"It's going to be the cost, the consistency, the usability that's going to appeal to certain people," Warren Roget from the Institute told the ABC.

The new caps would do away with cork taint in carbonated wine, but this may not make them more appealing in some Asian markets. As reported in this feature in Manufacturers’ Monthly last year, corked wine is seen as a superior product by many Chinese wine drinkers.

"Having something to screw back on again to hold the bubbles in until the next glass is a good thing," Yalumba’s head of winemaking told the ABC.

"Some of the Asian markets and particularly China are very adamant the best wine in the world is sealed under cork and if we want to be considered to be the best wine in the world … most wineries are realising that in fact it does have to be under a cork still."