Cordless electric pump takes over from manual operation

When a manufacturer boosts production to cope with burgeoning demand, efficiency-minded operations staff keenly seek out technologies to help them minimise costs and manual labour while maximising safety and ongoing returns.

That is what happened with carpet and textiles producer Cavalier Bremworth, which has doubled its production over the last year of its quality wool carpets for domestic and commercial markets throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The company found what it had been looking for when it replaced manual pumping of hydraulic spool lifting machinery in its Auckland manufacturing operation with an Enerpac XC cordless electric pump.

“We have more than 300 spools – each weighing about 400 kg – that have to be continuously and precisely lifted from inventory and lowered into production positons,” said Cavalier Bremworth Plant Engineer Chris Young.  “The hydraulic hand pumps we were using previously were excellent gear in themselves, but even strong men had to use 35-40 strokes to get the required lift and some of our ladies required up to 70 to do it comfortably and safely.

“We thought, ‘there has got to be a better way’ and that’s when we saw the XC Cordless pump.”

These either single or double-acting XC Series of cordless pumps are said to offer the performance capabilities of an electric pump with the convenient portability of a hand pump.

This series of pumps actuate hydraulic tools as fast as a basic electric powered pump and create up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) of pressure. This means that the pumps are up to five times faster than manual hydraulic pumps and up to two times faster than popular pneumatic powered pumps, claims Enerpac.

Bremworth Cavalier’s pumps can manage typically 30-plus actuations of the twin Enerpac 10T RC cylinders on the spool cradle, with each pump being rapidly charged while another XC equipped cradle takes over to maintain a smooth production flow.

“The XC pumps are easy to operate and ensure the job is so much simpler and precise,” says Yong. “

Safety features include zero trip hazards through cordless design, overload protection circuitry from excessive amp draw or temperatures, and a trigger lock-off mechanism to protect against unintended operation during transport

Units are constructed of lightweight materials, equipped with a one-half horsepower motor and feature 28-volt, lithium-ion batteries.

Its bladder reservoir is said to eliminate venting and offer leak-free operation in any orientation. Plus, the overall body, handle and trigger have been ergonomically engineered to maximise ease-of-use and portability.

These pumps deliver oil flow of 2.05 litres per minute at its low-pressure setting and 0.25 litres per minute when operating at full pressure, up to 700bar. Additionally, the lithium-ion technology ensures XC-Series pumps provide end users with the battery runtime necessary to accommodate demanding application requirements.

The XC pumps with removable shoulder strap and integrated carrying handle are suitable for a range of industries, such as mining, construction, industrial and power generation, solving diverse and demanding applications, including:

The option of double-acting power can power tools requiring powered extension and retraction, including cutters, crimpers, breakout tools for drill rigs and an array of tools used for lifting, bending forming and pulling.

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